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The Dynamic Screening Process is a vital part of your fitness success.

During our screening process, we take into account all your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual needs and consider your Career, Finances, and Social commitments before creating a customised self-care plan.

  • Full Screening Questionaire and assessment
  • Body composition measurements
  • Nutritional advice and guidance
  • Physical Health and Mental wellbeing
  • Emotional, Spiritual, and Social health

Our process utilises the internationally renowned PAR-Q as the basis for the initial screening document. We have developed that further to assess the current scale of any injuries, aches, or pains. This means we are fully in the know and can ensure the exercises are appropriate.

In completing the screening process, we can fully document and benchmark all aspects of your health, exercise, and lifestyle. This will be used and referred to regularly in the frequent progress reviews. We fully believe that we are unique in the depth of our understanding and screening. The level of detail is so granular, we can isolate a specific muscle, muscle group, or area of the body where work would be most beneficial.

At Dynamic we work closely with you to identify your specific needs and highlight aspects of your life that may be restricting your progress.


Progress Reviews

Progress is a vital element to creating a sustainable lifestyle change to bring in physical exercise and mental wellbeing as part of your daily routine. Whether that is doing push-ups every day, or taking 5 minutes to give thanks for something. 

These progress reviews refer back to the initial screening document and we go through all the body compositional data points to track progress.

#TeamDynamic Results

Steven Parker
Dynamic Recovery

I have had long-standing knee problems following years of playing football. Working with Dynamic has helped to recover the weaknesses caused by surgery and I'm gaining full strength again. Would highly recommend working with them!

Clare Stokes
Dynamic Care

Working with Dynamic has improved my physical and mental health immensely! They have changed my whole outlook on working out and I now really look forward to our sessions. Work with them, they're great!

Maged Habib
Dynamic Elite

I have worked with PT's before and have been disappointed. Working with Dynamic has changed that completely! I feel the improvement daily and Adam delivers excellent training sessions no matter what the circumstances. I'd highly recommend their approach.

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