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Do you need a compassionate, connecting, and safe environment to recover your confidence following a trauma or injury?

Are you struggling to overcome obstacles or setbacks with chronic pain?

Dynamic’s Recovery programme is designed specifically for individuals who have recent or historic injuries to rehabilitate. Through our thorough screening process, we scan your body for any weakness, tension, and tightness then together we can find a way back to recovery and self-care.

  • Fully recover from injuries, aches, and pains
  • Conquer your structural or postural issues
  • Overcome fears and break free from anxiety, stress, and tension
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem levels
  • Thorough initial assessment and regular progress reviews
  • Connect and build rapport with our unique trusted coaches
  • Make rehabilitation fun!
  • On-going tracking and support

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Once you’ve recovered full and regained your confidence in movement and self-care, you may want to move onto our Care Programme to elevate your levels of fitness and performance.

#TeamDynamic Results

Harry Carter
Dynamic Recovery

I have been a client of Dynamic for several years and have nerve damage in my arm. The training is structured around this and creates useful exercises for my specific circumstances. Over the years we have made significant progress that has impressed my consultant and physiotherapist. My overall fitness has really improved too! I thoroughly recommend the methods and Adam is a great personal trainer.

Gill McCain
Dynamic Recovery

I have worked with Dynamic, on a one-to-one basis, for two years. The sessions have helped me to strengthen key areas which have allowed me to continue running. Adam is professional, motivated, and well prepared. All his fitness programmes are bespoke and he always goes the extra mile to demonstrate correct technique and posture. This ensures the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Adam and TeamDynamic.

Gregg Arundel
Dynamic Recovery

I’d highly recommend Team Dynamic. They aren't your standard PTs, they truly get to know you as a client, what your goals and aspirations are, be it from fitness, weight loss, muscle building, or in my case strength and conditioning work post sports injury. The programmes are completely tailored to you as an individual and no session is the same. The varied exercises keep things fresh and really enjoyable and focussed on achieving your goals. Health and wellbeing are paramount to everything they do, I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage you to choose them for any of your training needs.

Sean Martin
Dynamic Recovery

A friend of mine recommended working with Dynamic. I had some long-term problems that I needed to improve. Through the articulate and thorough screening process, we set out a plan that worked on those areas. I would highly recommend the services of Adam, and Dynamic.

Steven Parker
Dynamic Recovery

I have had long-standing knee problems following years of playing football. Working with Dynamic has helped to recover the weaknesses caused by surgery and I'm gaining full strength again. Would highly recommend working with them!

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