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This first initial phase is where our coaches focus on the rehabilitation of any long standing issues with your physical health. We lower the intensity of the exercises for a more beginners approach to exercise and tailor ours specifically to you. We use our low-intensity exercise methods to make your rehabilitation fun yet effective.

We help you build the foundations needed to conquer all chronic pains, areas of tension and tightness. Improving your mobility, posture, as well as increasing your confidence levels is a major asset to the next phase.

  • Use our unique approach and low-intensity exercise methods to make your rehabilitation fun.
  • Learn how to relax your body and mind, overcoming your fears of exercise, and breaking free from the stresses and anxieties caused by everyday life.
  • Build the foundations needed to conquer all chronic pains, areas of tension and tightness.
  • Improve your mobility, posture, and increase your confidence levels.
  • Gain access to our online recovery portal for hundreds of additional resources as well as ongoing tracking and support from our community.
  • Complete your Dynamic recovery and step into our Dynamic Care phase to continue your journey with us.
It is extremely common for those who have endured pain, tension or stress to develop a life where they become immobile. This often leads to low mood, depression or anxiety, causing long-term negative effects on our lifestyle, health and fitness levels.

Carefully we create the hope and confidence needed to get you moving forward in momentum again. Our coaches are experts in the of pacing sessions, so you are never pushed too far beyond your limits. We chose exercises to enable gentle progress however, still manage to maintain a unique level of comfort and control

Everything in recovery will be well within your capability. We use the latest research, innovation and low intensity techniques such as foam rolling and dynamic stretching to develop an alternative way forward for you. Trust us to build your foundations and we promise you will benefit.

Dynamic’s Recovery programme is designed specifically for individuals who have recent or historic injuries to rehabilitate. Through our thorough screening process, we scan your body for any weakness, tension, and tightness then together we can find a way back to recovery and self-care.

Lowering the intensity increases your tolerance, slowly improving your confidence and self-esteem in time. We believe this is the remedy for success when it comes to a full recovery.

Once you’ve recovered fully and regained your confidence in movement and self-care, you are then ready to move onto our Care Programme to balance your lifestyle, health of fitness levels creating a better work-life balance.

Our Members

Harry Carter
IT Consultant

I have been a client of Dynamic for several years and have nerve damage in my arm. The training is structured around this and creates useful exercises for my specific circumstances. Over the years we have made significant progress that has impressed my consultant and physiotherapist. My overall fitness has really improved too! I thoroughly recommend the methods.

Dean Hutchinson
International Director

I’m a 48yr old and like most at my age start to feel myself slowing down a little. I don’t mean decrepit but you know the drill, not quite doing as much exercise as I should, not eating great, working long hours and generally letting life run me. What I liked about Dynamic was the consultation with the trainer to determine my goals, my level of fitness, any history, injuries etc and to develop a practical and realistic training plan. I've been working with them now twice a week for a couple of months and feel 10x better in terms of fitness, but more importantly can see the difference and mentally feel it. If you're looking for a honest, realistic and achievable plan, have a look at Dynamic and talk to the team. I think you'll like what you hear.

Steven Parker
Managing Director

I have had long-standing knee problems following years of playing football. Working with Dynamic has helped to recover the weaknesses caused by surgery and I'm gaining full strength again. Would highly recommend working with them!

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