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Personal Fitness Training for the North East

Adam is the Founder and Head Coach at #TeamDynamic. He is a vastly experienced sport and exercise professional with extensive knowledge of fitness development, nutritional guidance, design, and delivery of personal training activities for a broad range of clients.

He has been at the pinnacle of sport playing football in a professional capacity for a number of clubs. With follow-on occupations in lifeguarding and personal training, he has demonstrated versatility and commitment, providing the best possible advice to Dynamics’ clients whilst enhancing his own knowledge and experience.

During his playing career, he has had the experience of the very best training methods and has worked alongside the best coaches, sports scientists, and physiotherapists. Using this experience he has been able to create a unique offering within a cluttered PT marketplace of a holistic approach to health.

He holds a variety of qualifications in Exercise Physiology, Sport and Exercise Development, Kinesiology, Sporting Injuries to name a few.

His personal experience as a professional athlete, as well as vast experience working in various personal training roles, has led him to this point to offer an unrivaled approach to rehabilitation, movement, nutrition, and strength and conditioning. This holistic approach means the client receives the very best tailored programmme for their circumstances, not a ‘rinse and repeat’ model for all.

Stuart has always had a keen interest in health and fitness. He believes in ensuring his clients are functionally fit for everyday life. He has been in the fitness industry for over 5 years, achieving goals and improving overall health and fitness for clients. He believes in a holistic approach and specialises in helping clients in the process of rehabilitation as well as strength training, weight loss, flexibility, mobility, and overall well-being.

As well as a qualification in personal training, health, fitness and nutrition, Stuart is a qualified lifeguard and practised for a number of years before becoming a personal trainer. He has worked as a gym instructor in some of the Top health clubs across the North East alongside some of the very best personal trainers.

If you want to discuss how the highly personalised approach could be of benefit to you, please feel free to email or call Adam.

  • Highly Qualified & Experienced Staff
  • Effective Training Methods
  • Individual Training Plans
  • No session is ever the same
  • Session times to suit your diary


Training with us is not just a workout. We’re going back to basics to build from there.

All our training programmes are specifically designed around the information gathered in the initial screening process.

#TeamDynamic Results

Steven Parker
Dynamic Recovery

I have had long-standing knee problems following years of playing football. Working with Dynamic has helped to recover the weaknesses caused by surgery and I'm gaining full strength again. Would highly recommend working with them!

Clare Stokes
Dynamic Care

Working with Dynamic has improved my physical and mental health immensely! They have changed my whole outlook on working out and I now really look forward to our sessions. Work with them, they're great!

Maged Habib
Dynamic Elite

I have worked with PT's before and have been disappointed. Working with Dynamic has changed that completely! I feel the improvement daily and Adam delivers excellent training sessions no matter what the circumstances. I'd highly recommend their approach.

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