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The Dynamic journey began many years ago when our founder and lead coach Adam dreamt of being a professional footballer.

It was important to him to make his family proud, particularly his Grandad whose words of wisdom stick with him to this day – “You will be the one to make it son”.

That motivated Adam to go out, train hard and ultimately climb the footballing ladder. He played and trained at various levels including Sunderland AFC, Middlesbrough, and Manchester United’s academies. That gave him exposure to the very latest developments and thinking in training techniques, and the personal discipline required to achieve peak performance in both a physical and mental health capacity too.

Upon signing terms with Sunderland AFC when he left school, Adam lived life as a professional sportsman and all that entails. The expectation, pressure, high standards, and meticulous attention to detail and preparation.

It was tough to see the lifelong dream not go exactly to plan – it’s a hard business and the margins between making it in football are very fine! After a very tough time reflecting and thinking about what could have been, Adam then had to re-purpose his whole life and career choices.

The burning desire to help others achieve their potential meant he sought out a career in lifestyle, health and fitness coaching.

The educational side was a newfound aspect that brought great enjoyment. Thriving and flourishing in the new ways of working, Adam then climbed the health ladder with some of the biggest names in the industry.

It was within these environments that Adam realised that the mass participation and ‘no pain no gain’ or ‘squat til you drop’ mentalities were not fruitful to a holistic outlook on personal wellbeing, and in some cases caused more damage than good.

Dynamic has a broader outlook and perspective that considers every aspect of personal wellbeing – healthy nutrition, mental, and physical health.

Everything doesn’t need to be 100 miles an hour or 100% to be a success, it is about balance, fun, finding what you enjoy using a holistic approach, and understanding what you need as an individual.

Our main aim is to change peoples’ perspective from the ‘no pain no gain’ approach to a dynamic stress-relieving holistic approach and we’d love to share this approach with you.

Adam is highly qualified and holds certificates at various levels of education covering the following:

  • Sport and Exercise Development
  • Exercise Physiology and Psychology
  • Human Movement and Kinesiology
  • Injury Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Nutrition for Sport Exercise Health
  • Advanced Fitness Instructing
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
  • Health and Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Lower back Shoulder Hip and Knee Specialist



Our Members

Gavin Burton
Financial Planner

I first started to train with Dynamic over 6 years ago. I was about to hit my 50th year and it felt as if my body was beyond repair with severe shoulder knee hip and back pain. The team convinced me that with the knowledge and attention to detail they have this could all be trained away. I sit here now completely pain-free and cannot speak highly enough of their techniques and knowledge. The training sessions are not only highly personalised and effective, but also very enjoyable.

Ben Stokes
England Cricket Captain

I had many PT sessions with Dynamic based on what is required of me as a professional cricketer. Not only did they bring their own experience as a coaches to my training, but also worked with my strength and conditioning coaches and implemented their requests too. Their open-mindedness to our time working together was fantastic and made the training beneficial from a physical point of view and was also fun. They are excellent to work with and I could not speak more highly of them as a organisation and as a people.

Dr Mia Charnley
General Practitioner

I started working with Dynamic in 2016. I went to see them with the goals of improving left knee pain following an injury and surgery and weight loss. The Coaches worked with me to improve the strength and stability of my knee. I am now pain-free and the knee feels strong! I have lost weight and improved my tone, fitness, and flexibility. The sessions are interesting, varied, and keep me on my toes. I love the sessions!! I had a short break from training during a rough pregnancy the team has been helping me work on regaining my strength and fitness. The weight is also coming back off. It's clear Dynamic share the same ethos and goals. I've enjoyed getting to know them over the years and the sessions they deliver have never been the same. Dynamic are fantastic and I can't recommend them highly enough!

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