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During the care phase, we build a balanced plan tailored to you, your goals, and your unique level of ability. We take into consideration your occupation, family life and recreational hobbies to enable you continue your journey to a more healthier fitter version of yourself.

Using our unique, fun and functional exercise methods we make your exercise routine more enjoyable and sustainable. We improve your movement and develop all components of fitness creating a better body composition. Enhancing your performance at work and in everyday life is extremely important to us and our team.

Often, we find when people step into this phase with us, they may have more overall ongoing life challenges. Maybe its to do with finances, divorce, or relational difficulties or perhaps they’ve just lost their way, their mojo or life has just got on top of them.

We believe balancing the 6 aspects of your wellbeing is the key to stabilising your busy lifestyle.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Occupational
  • Social
  • Spiritual health

We develop goals and look to consolidate your daily habits. Our knowledge and understanding of you is now of a greater level, enabling us to develop a programme even more in-depth and tailored to you and your life needs. Our ongoing level of care is the perfect remedy when finding a solution to a busy lifestyle.

  • Build a balanced plan tailored to you, your goals and your unique level of ability.
  • Take into consideration your occupation, family life and recreational hobbies and work around these enabling you to continue your journey.
  • Use our unique, fun and functional exercise methods to make your exercise more enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Improve your movement and develop all components of fitness.
  • Develop your bodies composition.
  • Enhance your performance at work and in everyday life.
  • Access our online portal for hundreds of additional resources as well as ongoing tracking, and support from our community.
  • Find the work-life balance needed to enable you to grow as an individual.

We understand at times life is hard and maintaining balance is often difficult. This can leave us feeling unsettled or overwhelmed. Our care programme is especially designed to improve for this and enables you create an all-round mind and body routine for maximum health benefits built around your external commitments.

Trust our mindful coaches to slow you down and open your eyes to a more free life, body and mind. We will show you that 75% is ok and good enough to see progress. We empower you to set boundaries and regain your personal power. Focus and pride are essential in life and we will show you this whilst supporting you on a route back to success, creativity, and freedom.

During the balance phase we introduce further aspects of support. We plan to fit your needs and adjust our exercise methods accordingly. It is common for us to bring in alternative approaches to aid progression. We improve your your knowledge, so that you can begin to make decisions for yourself. We want what’s best for you moving forward.

Once you’ve built those now solid foundations, you are now ready to move onto our Elite Programme to achieve maximum output. Grow even further as an individual, reach your full potential and reach a level of performance like never before.

Our Members

Dave Jones
Business Director

I first worked with Dynamic in 2019 when I was recovering from a shoulder injury. It was this first engagement that I learned about and benefitted from the holistic approach to training. More recently after the COVID-19 lockdowns, I re-engaged with Adam to help increase my overall fitness levels. The mix of dynamic stretching, resistance, cardio, and functional training has been excellent and resulted in improved physical health, posture, and also my mental health too. Sessions are never boring and his modern approach has really helped me - can't recommend him highly enough!

Clare Stokes

Working with Dynamic has improved my physical, mental and emotional health immensely! They have changed my whole outlook on working out and I now really look forward to our sessions. Work with them, they're great!

Gavin Burton
Financial Planner

I first started to train with Dynamic over 6 years ago. I was about to hit my 50th year and it felt as if my body was beyond repair with severe shoulder knee hip and back pain. The team convinced me that with the knowledge and attention to detail they have this could all be trained away. I sit here now completely pain-free and cannot speak highly enough of their techniques and knowledge. The training sessions are not only highly personalised and effective, but also very enjoyable.

Richard Usher

I cannot thank Dynamic enough for the help and advice over the last 3 years. I used to think I was heading into the mid-life stage with my best years behind me! With careful guidance, help, and patience I am now hitting my personal bests on a regular basis - I could not have done this without them.

Howard McCain
Financial Planner

Dynamic has an enthusiastic and friendly approach to their client care and takes time to fully understand your individual fitness needs and goals. Every session is different and varied which keeps it interesting. The Dynamic team, are an excellent choice for discerning clients!

Phil Gilmore
Business Manager

Working with Dynamic isn't just about going to the gym or randomly asking for PT help. I approached Dynamic after a recommendation and talked to them about fitness, losing a bit of weight, prolonging playing sports, easing annoying pains, and most importantly for me, mental wellbeing. After a very detailed, non-intrusive, but thorough assessment we agreed on a plan that not only delivered results for me personally but one that I looked forward to, and enjoyed doing. On top of all of that they made it fun which is important. If you're looking for coaches that care and will dedicate time and energy to clients (even over Christmas in my case) Dynamic is your place to go!

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