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Our Training & Coaching Phases

Grow as an individual, reach your full potential and find a level of performance like never before.

During this more advanced phase of your development you will progress onto advanced training techniques. However, this based more on your own level of elite, personal perspective and view of your future self. Your confidence in health will grow to a level like never before and you will find yourself setting further goals to enhance your future. You will discover a new you.

  • Develop the confidence, self-belief, and a desire to grow.
  • Reach your true potential in all areas of life.
  • Use our advanced training methods to reach your body’s peak level of performance.
  • Consistently track your progress, your bodies composition and monitor your levels of endurance, strength, and power.
  • Reach the new heights of progressive exercise by enhancing your agility, balance, coordination, speed, reaction time training to an elite level.
  • Grow as an individual, reach your full potential and a level of performance like never before.

Learn to set boundaries and attain your goals by dipping into our on-line portal for some of your own development whilst still under the guidance of our coaches. You will find your voice in our community will also be enlarged so your story can now be told to support the development of other members.

Proud of your progress, you will take control of your own development with the coaches taking on more of a supportive role. Your positivity and good habits really make a difference to your overall life and you will make more life-enabling decisions.

A Dynamic Life is where everything is in balance. We maintain and live a happy and healthy life in all aspects of your being. This takes a more open approach from both you and the coaches to maintain. Remember however, sometimes good enough is still ok and to trust yourself in the process.

In addition within this phase we encourage to push your boundaries. Below are some examples:

  • Challenge yourself in one of the events we organise.
  • Reach the peak of your physical, functional, and sporting performance by taking part in our fitness tests.
  • Push yourself by continually setting goals, tracking your progress logging your achievements in our online portal fitness tracker.
  • Build confidence and self-belief and a desire to push through what you thought was possible. by becoming a member of our #teamdynamic community/
  • Ask us for further support on how to improve your sporting performance, progress your eating habits with specific nutritional advice or help us guidance, support and recruit others to build our community.
  • Log in to our on demand section of our online portal and carryout some additional workouts to complement your coaching and push you to the next level.

Our elite programme truly is the physical peak of the capability of the human body, but we can’t always be at the complete peak – life happens! If you find an injury, illness or trauma, then we have our Dynamic Recovery and Dynamic Care programmes to work back up to full fitness once again.

Our Community

Ben Stokes
England Cricket Captain

I had many PT sessions with Dynamic based on what is required of me as a professional cricketer. Not only did they bring their own experience as a coaches to my training, but also worked with my strength and conditioning coaches and implemented their requests too. Their open-mindedness to our time working together was fantastic and made the training beneficial from a physical point of view and was also fun. They are excellent to work with and I could not speak more highly of them as a organisation and as a people.

Dr Maged Habib
Consultant Eye Surgeon

I have worked with coaches before and have been disappointed. Working with Dynamic has changed that completely! I feel the improvement daily and they deliver excellent training sessions no matter what the circumstances. I'd highly recommend their approach.

Richard Usher

I cannot thank Dynamic enough for the help and advice over the last 3 years. I used to think I was heading into the mid-life stage with my best years behind me! With careful guidance, help, and patience I am now hitting my personal bests on a regular basis - I could not have done this without them.

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