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Our techniques are well proven to support an increase in health, fitness and overall well-being. We cater for all and offer 1-1, group or team sessions. A lot of of our members are office workers, business men or women and work within the business or service sectors. Often we find these roles are extremely busy but individuals still spend time sitting for long periods, at desks or in offices. This sedentary lifestyle creates tension and stress in the body and mind, intern causing postural damage and muscular imbalances. Due to their roles and equipment around the working environment, we usually find the work stations are not fit for purpose or built in an unsupportive way for our bodies. Overtime this causes chronic pain, injury or imbalances in the body which can lead to long term physical, mental and emotional implications.


Exercise and physical activity supports you in making the full recovery. This is from the obstacles, setbacks or long term injuries caused by that sedentary lifestyle holding you back. Check in for a screening and we then create a long-term sustainable plan tailored to you. This is based around your current level of ability and unique personal circumstances. Building a holistic plan around your job, family life and recreational hobbies makes your targets more realistic and keeps your exercise plan sustainable. Your likes and dislikes matter to us too, as we believe it is extremely important to that you not only benefit from our methods but also enjoy your experience and journey along the way.


Our passion and mission is to make this happen for you, no matter who you are. We will ensure you success through our bespoke, modern training methods. We always build rapport with our members and make the sessions fun and fresh. Our holistic approach makes sure all aspirations are attainable and you become an essential part of our team along the way. Our promise to you is that we will help and support you consistently until you grow into the best version of yourself. Together we will achieve those targets in your lifestyle, health and fitness you have always fell short in reaching.

Our Community

Steven Parker
Managing Director

I have had long-standing knee problems following years of playing football. Working with Dynamic has helped to recover the weaknesses caused by surgery and I'm gaining full strength again. Would highly recommend working with them!

Clare Stokes

Working with Dynamic has improved my physical, mental and emotional health immensely! They have changed my whole outlook on working out and I now really look forward to our sessions. Work with them, they're great!

Dr Maged Habib
Consultant Eye Surgeon

I have worked with coaches before and have been disappointed. Working with Dynamic has changed that completely! I feel the improvement daily and they deliver excellent training sessions no matter what the circumstances. I'd highly recommend their approach.

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