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Silkswroth Tennis Centre, Silksworth, Sunderland.

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Through our tailored fitness programmes, we get to know you as an individual, your body composition, and then get to work with you on the areas for physical and emotional improvement.

  • Comprehensive Screening Process
  • Tailored Training Programme
  • One-to-One Training Sessions
  • Continuous Care and Support
  • Regular Progress Reviews

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Training Programmes

Screening Process

The Dynamic Screening Process is a vital part of your fitness success.

We take into account all aspects of your wellbeing to create a customised self-care plan.

We fully document and benchmark all aspects of your health, exercise, and lifestyle to use as a marker of positive progress

At Dynamic we work closely with you to identify your specific needs and highlight aspects of your life that may be restricting your progress.

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Dynamic Recovery

Dynamic’s recovery programme is designed specifically for individuals who have recent or historic injuries to rehabilitate.

  • Fully recover from injuries, aches, and pains
  • Conquer your structural or postural issues
  • Overcome fears and break free from anxiety, stress and tension
  • Thorough initial assessment and regular progress reviews
  • Make rehabilitation fun!
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Dynamic Care

Dynamic’s care programme creates an all-round mind and body routine for maximum benefit.

  • Learn how to relax your body and mind
  • Coaching sessions tailored to you and level of ability
  • Fun and enjoyable exercise methods and activities
  • Thorough initial assessment and regular progress reviews
  • Additional nutritional tips and workouts to complement your coaching
Dynamic Care
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Dynamic Elite

Dynamic elite pushes aspiring athletes to achieve their maximum performance output.

  • Reach the peak of your physical, functional, and sporting performance
  • Continuous goal setting, tracking, and achievement
  • Challenge all components of fitness including the body’s composition, agility, balance, coordination, cardio endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, power, speed, and reaction time
  • Performance specific nutritional advice, guidance, and support
  • Additional support and workouts to complement your coaching
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#TeamDynamic Results

Steven Parker
Dynamic Recovery

I have had long-standing knee problems following years of playing football. Working with Dynamic has helped to recover the weaknesses caused by surgery and I'm gaining full strength again. Would highly recommend working with them!

Clare Stokes
Dynamic Care

Working with Dynamic has improved my physical and mental health immensely! They have changed my whole outlook on working out and I now really look forward to our sessions. Work with them, they're great!

Maged Habib
Dynamic Elite

I have worked with PT's before and have been disappointed. Working with Dynamic has changed that completely! I feel the improvement daily and Adam delivers excellent training sessions no matter what the circumstances. I'd highly recommend their approach.

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